A VISION INSPIRED by the Holy Ghost was given to a God-fearing, strong but humble man. This man had no thought of position nor power. His endeavor was just to live holy and please God. His heart and mind were pricked with a thought (What if?), which started as a dream (Can it be done?) The creation of this new leader who would serve during this new day and this new era began on December 18, 1931 when Timothy Titus Scott was born to Elder Matthew and Melissa Ethel Scott in East Chicago, Indiana. He was one of ten children. He was saved at the tender age of eight years old. While growing up with his brothers and sisters, he was noted for being a unique child. He grew to become a very fine young man. He received his formal educational training at Andrew Chapel Elementary School in Madison County, MS, Union Elementary School and Richland Vocational School in Holmes County, MS. He continued his education and graduated from Saints Industrial School where he received his High School Diploma. In 1952, he was drafted into the Army where he remained until 1954. He furthered his education at Mississippi Valley State College where he received a B.S. degree in Social Science in 1958. After seeking God for a lifelong companion, he met and married Cherry Mae Mitchell on June 3, 1956. Through this union God blessed them with 10 wonderful children: Daniel, Timothy Jr., Deborah, Shadrach, Lester, Micah, Patrick, Jackie, Cynthia and Tina.

This strong, God-fearing but humble man always felt in his heart that God had a work for him to do in the ministry. He accepted his calling to preach God’s word in January 1950. After seeking God and laboring in the word, the legacy of faithfulness and dedication in a pastoral ministry began with the St. Matthew Church of God in Christ in Yazoo County, MS from 1955-58 and Mount Olive Church of God in Christ in Pickens, MS from 1957-58. For 21 years (1958-79), he served as Pastor of New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ in Drew, MS. He also served as the dedicated Pastor of Peter’s Rock Church of God in Christ in Starkville, MS from 1960-72.

There were uncertainties that clouded the minds of God’s people as to whom Bishop Lyle’s successor would be. Bishop J. 0. Patterson served as Interim Bishop throughout the Annual Holy Convocation in October of 1972. During this Convocation, Bishop J. 0. Patterson, Sr., the Presiding Bishop called a meeting with the State Board of Elders of Northern Mississippi to ascertain the desire of the brethren. Four names were placed on the ballot for the brethren to choose from. They were Superintendent 0. S. Sheard, Superintendent 1. Slack, Elder Percy Dean, and Elder T. Scott, Sr. The Elder Roy L. Winbush assisted Bishop Patterson in conducting the voting procedure. When the votes were counted, Elder T. T. Scott, Sr. received more votes than all ofthe other candidates put together. Bishop Patterson presented Elder T. T. Scott, Sr. to bring the message on Saturday, the Official Day of the Convocation. Following the message, Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr. appointed Elder Timothy Titus Scott, Sr. as the Jurisdictional Bishop of northern Mississippi. He also assumed Pastorship at St. James Temple Church of God in Christ in Clarksdale, MS. The appointment was approved by the General Board and Elder Timothy Titus Scott, Sr. was consecrated to the Bishopric in January 1973 by the Presiding Bishop and the General Board of the Church of God in Christ.